self care

Self care is all about knowing yourself. A question I often ask my friends is, "What are some of your go-to self care activities?"

Care about yourself! You deserve it. Sometimes I get into a headspace where I start to rely too much on others to provide this care and appreciation, and they can't deliver. I suppose you could ask a friend to feed this need of yours, or a partner if you have one, but it's the utterly crucial to be able to generate the love from within.

you are amazing, you are special, you are you

I am my own best friend. It definitely took some time to get to this point, but no one can tune into my needs and do exactly and precisely what I need better than I can for myself. We are all in a silo: our bodies. Only you can dive into your own mind and body and experiences. Humans have attempted to bridge this gap with language and gestures and songs and art, but what's inside is exclusively yours. 

So, take the time to think about what things you do that make you feel proud, happy, accomplished, and relaxed. For me, this includes pampering, cooking, writing, making music, running, yoga, deep breathing, and meditation. Reflect and think about yours.

Follow these steps for a complete pampering from head to toe, inside and out.
1) Take a bath with epsom salts and essential oils (I love frankincense). This is an action that forces me to tune out of everything and tune into myself. Sink into the water, think about your mind and body. Allow things to rise.
2) Exit bath whenever you're ready. While the steam has your pores open, wash your face (gently) and exfoliate. I like using a natural fruit enzyme exfoliator, like with papaya or pineapple. My face doesn't like harsh beads, it is a sensitive little kitten. 
3) Put on a sheet mask. Bonus: cut up some cucumbers, put those babies on your eyes, and go lie down. Relax your eyes, relax your face, relax everything. Make sure you don't leave on the sheet mask for too long. Once it starts to dry out, it could start to sap and steal moisture from your face!
4) Moisturize your whole body. Use your favorite moisturizer and be gentle. Acknowledge each part of your body you are caressing, and thank it. Especially the feet, they work so hard.
5) Cuddle time! Who needs a cuddle buddy when you got yourself and a cozy bed? Get under those sheets, warm yourself up, snuggle, and smile. Think of all the ways you're awesome, and thank you for loving yourself. You deserve it. Extra points for journaling (basically just talking to yourself). 

You're awesome and wonderful and special. Don't ever forget that. You have so much going for you. You're a star! Keep shining :)