Appreciation Nation


Sometimes it seems far away. Other times it's so present you can't imagine why anyone would live life without it. There is great power in positivity, in a sea of happy souls. 

Positivity facilitates change. People are the most receptive when they are in positive, happy mindsets, surrounded by others with the same radiant energy.

What is the purpose of life? I believe it is to be happy. That is certainly an easier answer than others that have been generated, and it is adaptable to every person's individual situation. When we are in the happy state, we have open minds and open hearts. We welcome new thoughts and new ideas. This is powerful.

I know of a secret. A fountain of endless positivity exists: festivals. A gathering of people celebrating what life has to offer. The energy is tangible and visceral, and it is spreadable like perfectly softened butter. Beautiful smiles painted on everyone's faces. Each person is separate, but the positive vibes unite. The ocean of energy washes over every being, every body, and generates empathy and kindness. Each body and soul then offers that energy back to the world, creating an atmosphere of good vibes. Full circle, baby. Then, we can harness this powerful positive energy and introduce values that will be not just received, but even welcomed.

So this, my friends, is my mission in life: to build an appreciation nation. Assemble my good karma warriors. Spread the positivity first and foremost, and then introduce the good values that can change the world. These include reusing everything you possibly can, and being kind and compassionate to all beings.

Replace hate, appreciate.
Don't worry and be happy.

Your calls to action (try to just do one, or do em all):
1. Take the time to verbally appreciate. See someone taking out the trash? Thank them for it. Did someone offer you space to talk about something difficult? Thank them for being a good listener, for giving you their time and emotional energy. Thank the cafeteria worker who is rushing to replenish the supply of hot water for your tea. Someone is behind the work that makes things happen, whether it is physical or mental. Everyone feels happy and encouraged when their work is acknowledged and appreciated :) 
2. Smile at strangers and wish them a happy day. Aim to put a smile on at least one person's face. Houseless people are people too!
3. List out 3 things you are grateful for. Do this every day if you can. Tune in, become aware of all the things that make your life wonderful, and send out these positive vibes into the universe. The universe will shoot em right back in the form of good karma!
4. Go to a festival. Experience that positivity first hand! I personally am attending Burning Man next week, and I can't wait to be my sponge-y self (my spirit animal) and soak up all the positive, warm, and inspirational vibes.  
5. Thank and love yourself. How do you expect to distribute all the love if you're lacking within? Fill up your love and kindness tank with acts of self-care. Appreciate the wonderful person you are, and acknowledge all the work you do to be your best self every day. 

Join the appreciation nation! We can change the world, one happy soul at a time.