activation and climate change

Later is an excuse. It occupies no concrete space on the timeline of life. It is a hazy concept: a fog so thick, impossible to see if the right turn is 20 feet or 20 miles away. Don’t get sucked into the black hole that is later.
|Do it now.

There is power in activation, using every moment wisely. Manifest your destiny. We curate our destinies by setting intentions and accomplishing them. Think of it as a fun connect-the-dots, going from goal to goal. These intentions are the lights that illuminate every individual’s life path. Your heart speaks, listen. Do whatever it tells you to do.
|Be activated.

No procrastination. No saying “I’ll do it later”.
When it comes to our planet, morbidly, there won’t be a later.

The situation is urgent, and every second we are not activated is a second we continue to breathe dangerously polluted air, allow ice caps to melt, subject humans to countless health issues, deplete Earth’s resources, and more.
The Earth speaks. It cries, it screams. It furiously rages. Don’t ignore its pleas. Mother Earth has been so kind and generous, always nurturing us.

Without a planet to sustain, human existence is vain.

My form of climate change activation is writing for Citizen’s Climate Lobby’s national blog. Recently, they put on a conference called the Global Climate Action Summit. Attending this conference felt meaningful and impactful because I could contribute to something I care deeply about, supporting and bolstering the strength of the movement. I learned about organizations that are taking tangible actions and making strides to combat climate change, like Air Miners, Blue Planet, and Ice911.

My focus had not been on my passion to save the planet lately, but the conference re-ignited my fire.
I am activated.

let’s all get activated. here are some things we can do to fight the good fight against climate change:
1. Reduce your carbon footprint on a daily basis. Turn off lights when you’re not using them, use public transit, take shorter showers (or less showers, let your skin build up a protective layer and learn to regulate its own oils), eat less factory farmed meat or less meat in general.
2. Reuse everything. Avoid single use plastics, be crafty and make things out of what you have instead of buying them. Hit up thrift stores or craigslist for appliances, furniture, literally anything.
3. Invest. If you personally don’t have the time to put in work, then money speaks. Money is a powerful enabling force. Learn about organizations that reflect your values. Support them by spending your dollars effectively and consciously.
4. Have conversations with your friends, families, and peers. Humans add up, humans create culture. If we can shift the conversation in a certain direction and get climate action more visibility, the movement will gain momentum. Someone with influence or capital can be swayed by a singular conversation.

Every human makes a difference. All it takes is one person to change the world.
I believe in every[one].