burning woman

As I watched the flames devour the figure of The Man on Saturday night, I felt something powerful invigorating me. The fire released beautiful, ethereal smoke, dissipating as if it disappeared forever. But in reality, it became a part of the air and sky and elements, just like the souls of those who are no longer physically on Earth.

Burning Man is a complete and utter choose your own adventure, and you have to make sure to do that. Don't tag along with someone else's adventure, it will only take longer for you to unlock your personal quest. 

It is a metaphor for life. At all times, we have total agency. We set our intentions. We hold the reins to guide our life in the direction we choose. At Burning Man, these choices are apparent. Every person's passions come out, proudly on display. No matter what form their fire and zeal has manifested in, it is welcomed and accepted. It encourages exploration of sides that people might hide in daily life.

Hold nothing back. Be the person you are inside all the time. Unleash the fire.

Everyone comes with a past, their unique history. They pave the path of their future by living wholly in the present, making decisions at every instant that will forever impact their lives. This makes every single person unique and individual, thanks to the nature of their existence and the choices that have brought them to this present moment. 

You are exclusively you.

My biggest takeaway from Burning Man was unlocking my inner goddess. Honoring the temple inside me that stands tall and proud and has lifted me to where I am today. I feel proud of the person I have worked hard to cultivate and feel emboldened to continue on my path. Of course, there were and will always be rough times: pieces that fell, that almost compromised the architecture of my temple. But every time that happened, I fortified from within. I strengthened my foundation, learning more about myself in the process. Burning Man was a climax of the work I've been doing (I say "a", because there will certainly be more). 

I am strong. I am powerful. I am tough. I will prevail.

Here is my advice to you: Feel full confidence and in total control of every decision you make. Give no fucks what anyone else thinks. Be proud of who you are, what you like, what you have done. Figure out your passion, glean inspiration from others if necessary. Let it carry you past any boundaries put in place by society. Live life to your fullest.

Here is a poem:
i feel it inside me
generating heat

starting from my beautiful vagina
hitching a ride through my veins
delivering sensation

before you know it
i am ignited

i am on fire
i am

the burning woman